Doctor candidate for state Senate seat lobbies against workplace vaccination warrants


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – Emergency physician Dr Tyler Johnson believes employers should not be able to automatically fire workers who will not receive a COVID-19 vaccine. His stance on Covid-19 could put his own job at risk.

Johnson has chosen not to get the vaccine and he says if he doesn’t get a waiver he may have to quit his job at Parkview Health as early as December 5. Johnson was among dozens of people who testified at State House on Tuesday about the issue of workplace vaccination warrants. A Republican-backed bill to stop companies from requiring workers to get COVID-19 shots was due to pass in a special session on Monday, but that session has now been canceled.

Dr Johnson, who will seek the GOP’s nomination for the District 14 seat in the state senate in May, believes companies do not have the right to dictate what workers should do about COVID shots.

“Really, it’s a personal choice, it’s a discussion between me and my family and my doctor, so really no one else is having a discussion about my risk tolerance, my benefits that I see in it. And really, if it’s something that I don’t need or want, no one else should be able to tell me, ”Johnson said.

The DeKalb County health official strongly supports the idea that employers can make their own vaccine policy decisions without interference from the Indiana General Assembly.

“I am very surprised that politicians have decided to go into the business of medicine. I think they had better get into politics and economic decisions and leave pandemic planning to the people who know how to do it, ”said Dr Mark Souder.

Democrats in the Legislature applaud the delayed vote on the vaccine bill, saying it will allow time to give this important issue the “full control it deserves.”

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