La Cité Médicale pushes art as medicine with an exhibition


As medicine today is guided by science and technology, The Medical City realizes the positive impact of the visual arts on the management of health and wellness. Thus, his latest attraction at the Institute of Well-being and Aesthetics, The art of healing.

It is an art shaped by care and compassion, created out of the partnership between patients and our doctors, nurses and staff. It is an art that knows no boundaries, as we strive towards the continuum of health, especially those who want to avoid the ravages of ill health and seek to maintain their optimal physical condition.

Dr Christian Flores, Director of The Medical City Institute of Wellness and Aesthetics, explains how the facility is helping people, especially now that there is growing interest in the idea of ​​art as medicine. in the medical community.

“Every time you stop and visit our wellness center, it’s a complete experience. It is designed to meet everyone’s needs for better health and total well-being. It makes healing enjoyable, positive, and uplifting.

In keeping with our quest to heal not only individuals, but also communities, The Medical City brings you The art of healing– an art exhibition that aims to raise funds for needy patients as part of the Akbay Ginhawa Foundation, Inc., and the Baguio City artist community through renowned sculptor Bumbo Villanueva.

Akbay Ginhawa aims to provide material and psychosocial support to needy patients through The Medical City’s Divine Mercy charity program. It also aims to support the hospital’s clinical programs focused on public health and to help connect The Medical City with communities in need of health services.

Baguios artists

This is why the team from the Institute of Well-being and Aesthetics of the hospital wasted no time in going to Baguio to collect the works of the participating artists.

The number of those who joined the exhibition increased from 15 to 23. Their varied sculptures and paintings, approached in a traditional and modern way, are mainly inspired by the rich culture of the Cordillera.

The exhibition doesn’t just showcase local talent. It also helps the Baguio artist community, made up of resident artists from Tam-Awan village and other artists. They have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, given the many blockages that have kept people from enjoying – and buying – their works of art.

But art is one thing that lockdown can’t put in place. Villanueva says creativity is still the art community’s main tool in solving the problem.

The problem is multi-faceted. And well-being is one of them. This is where art comes in.

Different types of therapy

Villanueva saw how art helped children with disabilities, clinically depressed, in conflict with the law, theologians, cancer patients, doctors and others.

“Part of their therapy is opening them up and channeling ‘unhappy’ experiences through art. What seems impossible to express verbally or in writing can be conveyed through the visual arts. We pray that the talents shown in this endeavor will help heal the public, especially the patients and doctors of Medical City as well as the artists, for the glory of the greatest artist, our creator.

Thus, by bringing their works down from the mountains of Benguet to the rooms of La Cité Médicale, we hope to launch the Healing of Art, by lending a hand to these talented artists. Each work reflects a culture unique to artists living in our mountainous north, combining the proud traditions of Indigenous peoples with the diverse influences of today. Through this place here at The Medical City, you will experience an art that heals the body as well as the soul.

As Dr Irene Quinio, Executive Director of Akbay Ginhawa, says, “This is why we are happy and proud to showcase these great artists and their art in addition to the healing environment of the Wellness Center. aesthetic of The Medical City. We want to redefine your wellness experience through art. We want to transform your regular monitoring into something more, something beautiful for the good of society.

The art of healing, The exhibition opened on June 17th at the Wellness and Aesthetics Institute, 6F Podium Tower, The Medical City in Ortigas, Pasig City.

For details, call the Institute of Well-Being and Aesthetics at 8988-1000 ext. 6579 and 6386.

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