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CHARLOTTE – Mecklenburg County leaders approved funding for Atrium Health’s innovation district on Tuesday evening.

Atrium officials want to surround the new medical school being built near the city center with healthcare, research and technology companies, as well as housing.

The county voted 6-2 to pay off 90% of the new property taxes over 15 years for a total of $ 38 million.

Commissioner Susan Rodriguez-McDowell offered to give only 50%, but her efforts failed.

The tax breaks will go to improving infrastructure, including an 800-space car park. Some commissioners disagreed as to whether using public funds for parking is a good decision.

“This community is in an affordable housing and health care crisis,” Rodriguez-McDowell said. “Parking for a private entity is not a priority.

“There are parking lots all over this town, and I have yet to see a sign carried by a member of this council saying you shouldn’t be here because you drive everywhere we go,” the commissioner said. Vilma Leake. “Where would we park here if we didn’t have parking down or across the street?” “

President George Dunlap said the county owed Atrium and CEO Gene Woods an apology for the way he was treated at the first meeting. It was then that this project was aggressively questioned.

Vice President Elaine Powell dismissed any notion that Atrium was being naughty. Rodriguez-McDowell said she didn’t think her line of questioning was rude.

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