New partnership to help meet skills demand in Kent


The launch of a new partnership will help meet the demand for skills at Discovery Park, the life sciences and innovation campus near Sandwich in Kent.

Discovery Park brought together the combined expertise of Canterbury Christ Church University, EKC Group, Pfizer, The Stem Hub and University of Kent to create the Skills Hub as a way for tenants to provide additional training to their workforce , as well as helping them find new talent to move their business forward.

Jane Kennedy, Commercial Director of Discovery Park, said: “Accessing people with the right skills continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing businesses of all sizes and in many industries – it’s our business. way to help you.

“Access to skills is essential for improving business productivity and strengthening Kent’s economy. The Skills Hub will connect more than 160 Discovery Park-based organizations with local youth and adults looking to retrain. It will leverage the combined expertise of our partners, including our local college groups and continuing education universities, and ensure that there is a talent pool. “

The Skills Hub will help companies navigate the complex landscape of qualifications, from work placements and internships, to internships and apprenticeships to graduates. It will also help promote business awareness of the newly created T-levels, which are the equivalent of three A-levels and designed to meet the needs of industry.

Abbie Kempe, Head of Enterprise and Engagement at Canterbury Christ Church University, said: “We are delighted to be a part of this unique partnership that aims to remove barriers to accessing skills development. The Skills Hub will make it easier for industry to access our student and graduate talent and connect to our academic expertise, providing a platform to inspire and support a new generation of skills and initiatives.

Jonathan Smith, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at EKC Group, added, “Our group’s mission is to play a leadership role in enhancing the social and economic prosperity of the communities we serve, and through through this partnership, we will help achieve this key objective. of ours.

“We are excited to be working with our partners to ensure that the Skills Hub meets the needs of Discovery Park businesses and acts as a catalyst for their continued growth by developing the next generation of skilled employees. “

Thanks to the combined expertise of the Skills Hub partners, companies will also be able to foster knowledge transfers with universities and industry, as well as forge stronger digital skills within the workforce.

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