Partnership to market a medical device for neurodegenerative diseases


ClearSky Medical Diagnostics and Shanghai Accurature Diagnostics have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement for PD-Monitor, a medical device using ClearSky’s proprietary AI technology to aid in the diagnosis and measurement of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease.

As an active national player specializing in providing diagnostic and care solutions for mental health and neurological disorders, Shanghai Accurature Diagnostics will be responsible for the incubation and commercialization of PD-Monitor in China. Following the agreement, ClearSky will continue to drive marketing to other parts of the world while focusing on continued product development.

Due to a sharp increase in its aging population, it is estimated that China will have nearly half of the world’s population with Parkinson’s disease by 2030. This collaboration will accelerate the availability of the technology for both patients and healthcare professionals in China, and potentially set an example or change how early detection and triage of patients at risk for Parkinson’s disease can be achieved and improved using digital health.

Professor Stephen Smith, Founder of ClearSky, said, “As a research and development (R&D) driven company, we are delighted to enter into a business agreement with Shanghai Accurature Diagnostics to tackle a huge market like China. At the same time, the agreement allows us to focus on continuous product development work, from improving the user interface of our existing products to covering exciting new territories, such as dementia.

Jackie Ho, CEO and Founder of Shanghai Accurature Diagnostics, added, “Accurature has a vision to become the leader in China in providing new diagnostic tools and services to healthcare professionals, helping them make better decisions about healthcare. medicines for their health. the patients. Therefore, Accurature and ClearSky will work together to introduce an AI-based diagnostic device for Parkinson’s disease in China.

“PD-Monitor is the first product of this strategic partnership, and we are both excited about the potential for future collaboration given ClearSky’s expertise in applying machine learning to the field of health. “

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