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From Aloysius Attah, Onitsha

31-year-old doctor Oluebube Okoye stunned everyone recently when he confessed that he had to hide his identity as a doctor for three years while in school in order to pursue his passion for reading pharmacy and to become a pharmacist.

Okoye became the best graduate student in 2020/2021 at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka with a GPA of 4.87.

He was the eye-catcher among 118 graduates at the swearing-in / induction ceremony organized by the institution in conjunction with the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) which was recently held at the ‘JUHEL auditorium, Agulu campus of the University.

For Okoye, Anette Sandberg’s words, “Passion equals motivation, motivation equals determination and enough determination equals success” explain her story well.

Dr Okoye, originally from the town of Ekwulobia in the Aguata local government area in Anambra state, was a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Okofia College of Health Sciences, Nnewi Campus of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University in 2014, but unlike many who would be satisfied to have reached such an envious professional height, he then got a direct entry form to study pharmacy.

In a conversation with this reporter, he revealed that his success in life stems from his resilience and determination to stand out among his contemporaries. According to him, “Motivation was the result of a need to distinguish myself, to be unique, to carve out a place for myself, to cross unknown terrain. I just like excellence. It took a lot of discipline, a focused mind and an unwavering commitment to achieve the goals I set for myself.

“I consider myself a product of grace and mercy because it was not easy. I had a very tight schedule at school. Sleep was a scarce commodity as there were times when I read 17 hours a day. I tell myself that I have no reason not to be the best I can be, apart from the fact that I was very busy combining a part-time job as a doctor with academic pursuits. However, I didn’t see my tight schedules as an excuse not to excel, ”he said.

On why he decided to read pharmacy after studying such a prestigious course as medicine, Okoye revealed that during his medical studies he had always had a resemblance to drugs. “I was interested in drugs, I loved pharmacology at school. I have flourished as a doctor and I am proud to be a doctor in addition to being a pharmacist, ”he noted.

For Okoye, the trip was never rosy as he faced many disappointments, from outcome to doubt. In his words, “There was a lot of despondency to see results that were not my expectations. At one point, the journey became so difficult, especially since most of my classmates in the faculty students traveled and were doing surprisingly well, I was questioning my decision to pursue another pharmacy degree.

“Also, I hid my identity as a doctor during the first 2-3 years of study due to the mindset I had about the cold interprofessional rivalry that exists between doctors – doctors, pharmacists, medical laboratory scientists; I was afraid of being a victim. But surprisingly, when my colleagues and speakers found out, I received a lot of encouragement, acceptance, respect and honor from them, ”Okoye further revealed.

In his farewell speech, Dr Okoye thanked his family for their support, especially his older brother, Chibuike Okoye, who he said is his benefactor. “I had the support of my family, my older brother has always been there for me, he is my benefactor.

Apart from supporting the family, I had part-time jobs during school and I had full-time jobs during vacations, ”he said.

He further expressed his gratitude to the University and its authorities for the wonderful platform and opportunity to excel and hopes to make Unizik and Nigeria proud in the international arena if the opportunity presents itself through scholarships.

He also called on the university and well-meaning Nigerians to do more to encourage quality and excellence with more opportunities to excel, as such a culture will always breed hard work, motivation and excellence in the world. university and beyond.

Okoye urged students to work hard and be disciplined in their studies. In his words, “I encourage students in all fields to work hard, be disciplined, set a goal, believe in God and stay focused. I don’t see myself as super smart, rather I see myself as capable of combining hard work, dedication, discipline and focus. I pursue each goal with vigor. I understand the mad rush to make money among young people today, but I encourage every young person to find time to build a solid foundation for the future. When you get on the right pedestal, the money will come, ”he advised.

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